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Cicada Lodge Holiday Park, Katherine, NT

Date installed: 2013
Customer: Cicada Lodge Holiday Park
Compliance: AS/NZS from Car Park along pathway, then waypoint & amenity lighting throughout the grounds
Product: SOLABOLLARD Gen 1, 200mA

Custom: A mix of installation options of direct bury & base plate mounted for bollards to be strategically placed to maximise safety & security, as well as highlight features of the lodgings & grounds.

Solar Bollard Lights - Australia

Project description:

Pathway needed to be P4 from the car park to the lodge’s complex, then waypoint and amenity lighting to mark out the different lodgings, staircases, and entry ways without creating an unnecessary amount of light to not disturb neighbours or disrupt wildlife through the night.  The pathway lighting is shown in the photo with the solar bollards are spaced at around 8m apart to P4.  P4 means the path is adequately illuminated along its length and there are no dark patches along the path.

Jacaranda Springs, High Wycombe, WA
Dig in, or bolt on, & walk away: Installing the solar bollard