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Connecting community, celebrating local heritage at the Strathdon Orchard with solar lighting, Springvale Road, Forest Hill, VIC

The Strathdon Orchard precinct redevelopment project aims to create public spaces for public use.  This includes shared outdoor areas to facilitate and promote interactions with nature.


Date installed: December 2020
Customer: Whitehorse City Council
Compliance: AS/NSZ Pathway Lighting (PP5)
Product: 14x SOLABLADE 13 & 17m spacing, 9x SOLABOLLARD 8m spacing


The Strathdon Orchard precinct project is part of Whitehorse City Council’s investment in it’s local community, as well as a celebration and protection of local heritage.  HIGHLUX worked with our own local landscaper Peter (from Urban View Landscapes) to supply and install 14 SOLABLADE and 9 Solar Bollards along the walking tracks through the precinct for Council. 

The Strathdon Orchard precinct required about 300m of pathway to be lit to AS/NZS pedestrian category compliance lighting.  Because of moderate to heavy shading along the path from buildings and trees, a mix of overhead solar (SOLABLADE) and 1m high solar bollard lighting (SOLABOLLARD) was specified to achieve the lighting objective.   To achieve compliance for the pathways, HIGHLUX specified:

  • 5x low power SOLABLADEs on South side of path (max 13m spacing)
  • 9x mid power SOLABLADEs on North side of path (max 17m spacing)
  • 10x mid power SOLABOLLARDSs in section adjacent to Strathdon house (max 8m spacing)
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