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Jacaranda Springs, High Wycombe, WA

Jacaranda Springs is a public reserve stretching about 500m in the suburb of High Wycombe in the Kalamunda hills outside Perth. 

Date installed: July 2018
Customer: City of Kalamunda
Compliance: No compliance was required; waypoint lighting
Product: SOLABOLLARD Gen 1 x 38 along pathway, spaced 12 to 15m for waypoint lighting. SOLABLADE x 4 for the BBQ & recreation area.

Custom: Lower power models (80 & 120mA) of SOLABOLLARD selected because of shading in some sections of the pathway.  Use of engineered poles for the SOLABLADE with risk of theft.

Project description:

The areas to light included a main pedestrian pathway from the corner of Foxton Boulevard to the end of park at Benson Way (370m total length), as well as a barbeque and recreational area.  The objective was to create a useable, inviting, and interactive shared public area.

Solar was specifically requested to reduce capital costs and to achieve project completion in a short time frame.

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