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SOLANOVA solar car park lighting for the Winchelsea & Torquay Depots, Surf Coast, VIC

Solar lighting for car parks are focussed on safety and security.  SOLANOVA provides a powerful overhead area light for car parks, able to achieve AS/NZS compliance lighting with programs to match lighting objectives.   


Date installed: November 2019
Customer: Surf Coast Shire
Compliance: AS/NZS P11c Lighting for car park
Product: 4x SOLANOVA


A total of 4x SOLANOVA systems were installed, two at each site.  Each system fully self-contained with 120W panel, 60Ah batteries and 2x 29W LED luminaires on double outreaches. Our LED luminaires use superior optics, which spread the light more efficiently and effectively throughout the car park, meeting ASNZS1158.3.1:2005 car park lighting standard category P11c.

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