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Solar bollard pathway lighting along Australia’s southern coastline at Kauwi Interpretive Trail, Lonsdale, SA

A soft natural solar bollard light along the edge of Australia seems a no-brainer! 


Date installed: July 2013
Compliance: Waypoint lighting
Product: SOLABOLLARD Gen 1 (SBL1)


A very early project from Solar Bollard Lighting along the Kauwi Interpretive Trail around which runs along the edge of St Vincent Gulf in an outer suburb of an industrial area of Adelaide.  Solar bollard lights are the perfect choice for this particular pathway with the soft natural light pointing downward to highlight “where to walk” without detracting from the twilight and dawn views of the water.  Solar bollards are a very low light pollution contributor, in part because of the colour of the light, but also because of the down-ward direction of the light output. 

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