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Solar Bollard on the Floating Pedestrian Walkway at the Darwin Waterfront, NT

The Darwin Waterfront is such a clever and beautiful development for a tropical hot spot.  The floating walkway connecting the outer perimeter with the inner hub creates an accessible and useable space for the community.     

Solar Bollard Generation 1 for the New Waterfront Development

Date installed: July 2014
Customer: Darwin City Council
Compliance: AS/NZS P4 Pathway lighting
Product: SOLABOLLARD Gen 1 (SBL1), 200mA (high power)

Recent Upgrade to Solar Bollard Gen 2 in 2020

The solar bollards along the Darwin Floating Walkway was one of the first projects for Solar Bollard Lighting.  Installing 200mA power models with spacing to meet P4 compliance, these bollards were only recently upgraded to Solar Bollard Generation 2, and a higher power of 240mA some 6 years later by Territory Bollards

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