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Pedestrian Access Way (PAW) with Solar Bollards at Basalt Lane, Coburg, VIC

Pedestrian access ways (PAWs) facilitate efficient and safe movement of people living in urban environments.  PAWs are a positive influence on human health through their creation of an active community, facilitate incidental interactions between humans and the environment, as well as improved efficiency in getting from A to B.  Solar lighting in a PAW supports these positive outcomes and adds on improved accessibility and use of these community connectors.   

Solar Bollard Generation 1 to P4 Compliance

Date installed: September 2016
Customer: Moreland City Council
Compliance: AS/NZS P4 Pathway lighting
Product: 6x SOLABOLLARD Gen 1 (SBL1), 80mA (low power), 4m spacing

Solar Bollards Upgraded to Generation 2 for Basalt Lane

HIGHLUX initially put in 6x Gen 1 SOLABOLLARDs for P4 lighting of the 24m pathway.  The shading over the PAW is significant and the SBL1-080 was the best fit for the job at that time.  In 2018, with the release of the SBL2, we worked with Moreland City Council to swap the 6x SBL1 heads for 6x SBL2 heads, maintaining compliance lighting (P4).  Shading has been an ongoing challenge, and in 2020, HIGHLUX swapped out the 80mA heads for 40mA heads, and have put a remote monitoring device in one of the bollards.  This is the first time we will be live-tracking how this product (SBL2) copes with heavy shade through a Melbourne winter. 

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