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Solar bollard pathway, waypoint & feature lighting, Coolgardie Visitors Centre, Coolgardie, WA

Solar lighting to enhance an historic feature or monument is a complimentary coupling.  This little job with Coolgardie Shire delivered in spades! 


Date installed: November 2020
Customer: Shire of Coolgardie
Compliance: Waypoint & Feature Enhancement
Product: 1x SOLABOLLARD (SBL1), 80mA (very low power)


Out the front of the Coolgardie Visitors Centre & Goldfields Exhibition Museum is a “prospectors rock” to mark the “entry to the goldfields”.  The visitors centre decided the rock needed a little more fanfare through the night and chose the solar bollard to do the job.  This was the perfect choice in placement, position, amount of light, and effect. 

A low power model of solar bollard was used because there is considerable shade from the museum building over the rock.  The 80mA SBL1 can operate reliably for the term of its 5-year warranty with 4 hours of direct sun in winter. 

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