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Gardens, Grounds, Driveway with Solar Bollard Lighting for Residents in Albury, NSW

Body corporates invest in the Solar Bollard because there is no trenching or cabling required, no power bills, and no special equipment or qualifications needed to install.  SOLABOLLARD Generation 1 is built to last more than 10 years, with a battery change around 6 to 7 years. Warranty for the Gen 1 is 5 years.

Tracing the Driveway with Solar Bollards

Date installed: 2015
Customer: Body Corporate
Compliance: Waypoint & amenity lighting throughout the grounds
Product: 7x SOLABOLLARD Gen 1, 120mA

Highlighting & Enhancing Features of Gardens & Grounds with Solar

Brand new build of a set of single level units in Albury NSW.  HIGHLUX worked with the contractor to understand the orientation of the driveway to establish the power model of bollard required based on mounting the bollards along a fence line, and through a low-level garden area.

The northern orientation of the driveway allowed the bollards to be nicely cut to the edge of the fencing to help guide pedestrian and vehicles using the shared driveway. The bollards enhanced the landscaped areas of this newly constructed residential development.  The lighting creates a sense of orientation and safety around the perimeter of the grounds.

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