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Solar Range

Plug in to the sun with our solution-focussed, smart, outdoor solar lighting range, designed & selected to flourish in all Australian conditions, rural, remote, metro, surf, snow, and desert sands.

Our range is a mix of modified, off-the-shelf, and made-to-order, outdoor solar lighting systems with a 5-year minimum warranty on design, manufacture & performance on all products.

Award winning, vandal resistant, pathway & waypoint lighting

Industrial-grade solar bollard lights for councils, mines, and building & construction industries. Featuring high vandal resistance, low maintenance, & reliable dusk to dawn operation all year round.

The solar bollard gives out a low level environmentally friendly, natural white light, with minimum light spill (wastage), and a minimum 5-year warranty on performance.

Solar Bollard is one of the most effective industrial solar bollard lights on the market, providing reliable dusk to dawn lighting all night, every night. Yes, even in winter, because of its ability to “hold charge” for a minimum 4 consecutive nights. 

HIGHLUX is the exclusive distributor of Solar Bollard Lighting bollards for WA, VIC, TAS, and SA

Simple, cost-effective, overhead area light.

  • Industrial-grade solar overhead light for open areas, parks, reserves, pathways, jetties & boat ramps, campus lighting & small car parks.
  • Features: compact all-in-one integrated system with motion sensor, fits on to a standard pipe pole, low maintenance, reliable dusk to dawn operation all year round, 5-year warranty covers operation, manufacture, design & battery.

Australian Made, premium, mission critical, overhead road & street light.

  • High performance overhead solar lighting system for roads, streets, reserves & parks, car parks, pathways & pedestrian access ways, jetty & boat ramps, mine sites, and industrial areas.
  • Features: Australian designed & manufactured for Australian compliance; safe & simple low-cost installation.

Cost-effective overhead lighting solution, with motion sensor.

Lithium battery integrated in to luminaire providing a simple-to-install lighting system with the flexibility to orient the panel independent of the luminaire.

  • Best for pathways, small car parks, and up-lighting solutions.
  • Ground or pole mounted, protective cage available for up lighting options. 
  • Standard and customised programs available.
  • Panel can be mounted away from light.

An integrated baton light with solar controller, large battery storage & optional motion sensing.

  • Best for public transport shelters, pedestrian tunnels, under eaves, BBQ and picnic shelters in parts and reserves.
  • Panel can be mounted away from light. 

A robust little perimeter & security light.

  • Brightens on approach
  • Ideal for bin areas, public toilets, entrance & side access gates.