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Solar Solutions

Car Parks

Solar outdoor car park lights facilitate safe and accessible use

When you come to HIGHLUX for your solar car park project, we will ask the dimensions of the area, whether you need to meet AS/NZS compliance standards, whether there are crossings and pathways within and around the car park, as well as the number of special parking bays.  Shading to the car park from nearby buildings and trees is also important in determining the number and type of solar lighting systems required to achieve the lighting objectives. 

Solar is a cost-effective option for car park lighting as there is no cabling, no trenching, no power bills and is very low maintenance.  Solar lighting for a car park is becoming a most frequent request for HIGHLUX.

In general, we recommend an overhead lighting system for a car park because the overhead lighting provides facial-recognition lighting, and light also shines into the car itself, facilitating that additional feeling of safety and security to users.  The overhead options such as SOLABLADE and SOLANOVA is able to achieve compliance lighting for car parks. 

For car park lighting, HIGHLUX recommends:

SOLABLADE: a mid-price range overhead light with motion sensor that sits up on a standard pole at 4 to 5m high with an estimated light splay of around 12 to 16m diameter

SOLANOVA: a premium Australian Made overhead lighting system with a simple, efficient design, with powerful capability offering an estimated light splay of 60m diameter.

Small Cark Parks

If you have a small car park that does not need compliance lighting, for example, a spill-over car park, or a less formal car park, or simply a small car park, then the SOLABLADE is likely the more cost-effective option for your project.

For example, four SOLABLADEs were recommended in the overflow car park at a rural sporting facility.

And, for the example below, two SOLABLADEs for a small regional school car park.

Large Car Parks

For large car parks, high use, very rural and remote, or public car parks, the SOLANOVA is the more commonly recommended solar lighting solution. 

For example, for the Surf Coast depot in Victoria, HIGHLUX recommended an upgraded solar engine with the two luminaries to achieve AS/NZS compliance for this larger area.

Standard SOLANOVA systems were used to achieve AS/NZS compliance at the Giblett Street car park in Manjimup WA.

For large car parks, where AS/NZS compliance lighting is commonly required, HIGHLUX offers a lighting design.  An example lighting design is shown above.

Solar bollards for a car park can also work, however, bollards are typically installed at 1m height, and do not provide “facial recognition” lighting.  Bollards can mark out the perimeter of a car park very well, and/or the path leading up to the car park. HIGHLUX has done several jobs with the bollards in car parks as a perimeter light or pathway light. 

Solar bollards at that 1m installed height need to be strategically placed around a car park, as their installed height makes them a target for being reversed into!  HIGHLUX installed solar bollards to identify the perimeter of car parks, for example at MONA in Tasmania.