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SBL2 Feature Oct 21

Solar Bollard: An Australian Made Award-Winning Gem

It's no surprise the Solar Bollard is a multi-award winning product for its QLD manufacturer Solar Bollard Lighting. With a growing list of outstanding "public lighting" features, Solar Bollard Generation 2 smashes even the closest solar bollard competitors on the Australian market. Solar Bollard Generation 2, released in 2018, remains streets ahead with key features:

  • Registered Australian Made
  • Completely stand-alone off-grid solar
  • AS/NZS Pedestrian Category Pathway Lighting compliant
  • Unprecedented 10-year warranty on performance, design & manufacture
  • Highest quality, long-life components
  • And, the pinnacle for any true environmentally oriented company, Solar Bollard Gen 2 is 100% recyclable

Solar Bollard, Solar Innovation for Australia

These features of the Solar Bollard are a major achievement for the Australian manufacturer, and likely why the company itself has also won awards, including the Good Design Award, Gold Winner in 2020, and the RDA Moreton Bay Exporting Excellence Award in 2018. The commitment to design and engineering for the broad challenges of Australian geographic locations is award-worthy!

At the 2016 Australian Smart Lighting Summit, HIGHLUX presented the Solar Bollard to delegates, securing the Solar Bollard's position as winner in the Most Innovative Product Award! This was two years before the release of the Solar Bollard Generation 2, demonstrating the Gen 1 as a solid performer in its own right.

"The Solar Bollard didn't come down in the last shower", says Tristan Downs, Director at HIGHLUX. "Solar Bollard's success is the result of years of trial and error and of demonstrated commitment to remain agile and responsive in a competitive market with emerging technology. It is brave and visionary; Australia will benefit from this journey".

World's First All-in-One Solar Bollard Light Hit the Market in 2005

From humble beginnings as an Australian business, Mike Arieni designed, built, and brought to market the worlds first all-in-one solar bollard light in 2005.

To meet customer demand for an industrial grade and vandal resistant product for public lighting, a new release of an IK10 (highest impact rating) solar bollard came to market in 2012 (Solar Bollard Generation 1). Solar Bollard Lighting has enacted the feed-back loops of continuous quality improvements, actively seeking out and incorporating consumer needs and feedback to produce both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Solar Bollards.

HIGHLUX is one of three exclusive distributors of the Solar Bollard in Australia. As a distributor, our success with the bollard is supported by the inclusive, transparent and professional manner with which Mike Arieni conducts business, and has even facilitated strong friendships among distributors who are also our competitors!.

"The Solar Bollard didn't come down in the last shower. Solar Bollard's success is the result of years of trial and error...

[Solar Bollard Gen 1 and Gen 2] is brave and visionary; Australia will benefit from this journey"

Tristan Downs, Engineer, Director at HIGHLUX

Vandal Resistance (IK10) meets Submersible (IP68) with Solar Bollard Gen 2 in 2018

In 2018, the Solar Bollard Generation 2 was released packed with market-driven features that simply nailed some of the biggest challenges for solar: meeting AS/NZS Compliance standards in any geographical location, even where there is heavy shade.

Building on the tried and tested success of the high quality materials, robust body and build, as well as the high vandal resistance, the SBL2 offered a more effective and efficient solar bollard light for AS/NZS Pedestrian Category compliance. with simple modifications to where the LEDs were asymmetrically positioned to provide the forward throw

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Australian solar outdoor lighting solutions for Australian conditions.

HIGHLUX works with councils, mines, civil, building & construction industries to deliver commercial and industrial solar solutions in some of Australia’s most challenging geographical locations. Operating since 2012, HIGHLUX is an established Australian solar lighting provider.  HIGHLUX is experienced in delivering cost-effective reliable solar, assets designed to last beyond their warranty period.

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